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Second Baby on the Way, What Will I Need to Refresh My Supplies?

I have a little guy who is two and another little surprise due in October. I just thought I might get some goos advice from you all about what I will need to refresh in my baby supplies for round two. I obviously will need diapers and can start stocking up a bit. Is there anything you all can think of that I might get some good use out of with #2 that maybe I didn't need for #1? My two year old is a HUGE mommas boy right now, so I am a little scared of how he will react..... This is mostly just a fun question to get my brain to start thinking about preparing, as I think I have all the necessities. Also, this will be in time for cold weather (#1 a summer baby), so what tools are useful for winter months?


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Thanks Ladies! On my list so far:
Car seat cover
Sleep sacks
Baby carrier ( i have a cheap one, but might shop around for something more stable)
Bottles and nipples
Wipes Warmer
Big Brother gift

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I did not read the other posts, so this may be a repeat, but I would suggest the carseat cover that attaches to the carseat to keep the baby warm and snuggly inside. You can find them at Walmart or Target.

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My best buy was a Phil and Teds double stroller, the 3 wheeler with the an extra seat underneath, if you are having an October baby they do a small soft moses basket with handles that goes inside the stroller and you can take the baby out if its asleep and carry it into the house without waking it, they also do a very nice footmuff that is snuggly and is like a sleeping bag. I bought my Phil and Teds second hand on Ebay I was very lucky it looked brand new, I sold it for the same money I bought it for because they are always in demand so they maybe expensive initially but you get the money back and the use out of it if you look after it and resell it.

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One thing you will need is a special present from the baby to big brother when he meets baby for the first time. And number one will want to be included as much as possible have bring you the wipes and diapers and help feed the baby. If you are going to nurse he can still help and snuggle with you guys with mine I had a basket that I put books in to look at while the baby was nursing and I would have the big one hold the book and we would read it together. Long sleeve undershirts for the baby too. I too am having a winter baby in December after the last two were summer. Good Luck

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Like another mom said the car seat cover, BundleMe, was awesome for the winter. Another thing I've used a lot that I didn't at all with my first is the Baby Bjorn. When we go to an open gym time, or story time, or really any activity with the older one it's nice to be able to wear him instead of pushing a big stroller. Those are about the only things I can think of, everything else we pretty much already had. Make sure to stock up on some games/activities you can do with your older one at home, it's just so hard to get out in the freezing cold winter with a new little one.

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I agree 100% with a baby carrier. I think they are a total life saver. I would suggest against the bjorn though as they are really not good for the babies spines and hips. Instead looking into a moby wrap, ergo, beco or other carrier that supports the child in a seated position with their knees up slightly higher then their bums. You can find a LOT of good information on all of the baby carriers out there as well as information on how to use them over at www.thebabywearer.com. Another bonus of getting a more supportive carrier is that it can be used with your 2 year old as well. That way, if he is feeling a little jealous of the baby and in need of a snuggle, you can put him in the carrier just like the baby!


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Well, since #1 is a summer baby and #2 will be a late fall baby, make sure you have plenty of heavy sleepers. 3 of my 4 kids are winter babies (November or December) and 1 is a May baby, and with the May baby, I didn't use the heavy blanket sleepers or sleep sacks like I did with my winter babies. Also, if you didn't use one with your first child, I would recommend a swaddle blanket. I discovered them with my 3rd child and they were a God send! I would also suggest you invest in a good double stroller. My favorite is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Delux. It has 2 seats like a normal double stroller, but the infant is in the front and toddler in the back (makes it easier to maneuver). The rear (toddler) seat is removable so when your toddler exhibits a little more independance, he can stand on the platform or sit on the jump seat. My 2 year old loves it, and so do I :)

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My oldest daughter wasnt 2 when I had my youngest daughter. One of the things I never used for my oldest that i used for my youngest was a baby carrier, the kind that you wear. Abbe wanted to be near me all the time and I couldnt take care of Madison so I would put the baby in the carrier, strap her to my chest and take care of what I needed to! I didnt cook on the stove with her on me, or clean with chemicals but I could get done alot of other stuff! As far as winter babies, plenty of receiving blankets for swaddling, hats and either "baby snowsuit" or the things that cover the infant carriers. For sleeping my daughter used the sleep sacks. Good luck!

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Our second was born in late September. What saved my sanity was a baby carrier that we both liked (which took a bit of trying!), a few lightweight blankets, one heavier blanket, and an all-in-one "snowsuit" (a full-body snowsuit-looking thing that covered his feet, hands, and had a hood). I would put him in that, put him in the baby carrier, and wrap lightweight blankets around him as needed. When it got really cold, I would wrap the heavier blanket around him, too, but it took him a lot to get really cold.

Have fun! Second ones are great because you already know which things you need to "freak out" over and which ones you can laugh about. I was a much less uptight mommy the second time around.

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The BundleMe is awesome. I got it as a gift and it turned out to be the most used thing I had. Good luck with your little ones!

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I agree with jen O. Definately a present for big brother from the baby. Our second was born in January this year and the baby got him three of his favorite presents. When big brother came with grandma to the hospital to see his new baby brother, the first thing we did, was give him the present from the baby. He was exstatic!! The baby is almost 6 months old now and not once, has our older son acted jealous, he loves him sooo much! I think the present worked wonders! Also, they talk to each other (mommy and daddy talk for baby of course), so I think that helps a lot too!

But to answer your question, really the only thing I needed to buy was some warm sleepers and a couple of new bottles. You may want to consider a sling too, so you can hold the baby and still have both arms available to tend to big brother. Congratulations!!

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